Helen McEvoy

I was honoured to be asked to have my photo taken and included in the Estée Lauder BCA campaign last year.  Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and undergoing surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, I was very lucky to be back living a normal life.  However, the side effects of a chemical menopause at 41 left me with thinning hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.  I was thrilled to be introduced to Pam Andrews in 2008 and have been with her since then.  I have had my eyebrows and eyelash enhancement procedures done by Pam, and I am totally thrilled with the results.  I would strongly recommend a visit to Lasting Beauty, such a fantastic life changing concept.  Before my Estée Lauder photo shoot, the first thing I did was make an appointment with Pam!


"I just wanted to enhance my brows, to give them more definition, and still keeping them natural looking - I think Pam has done a great job here"


"I was very nervous about having it done - what it would look like, and would it hurt? It was a surprisingly comfortable experience and I was so pleased with the results - I wish I had had it done years ago!"


"Fantastic! Painless procedure - saves time and effort every day having eyebrows again - very pleased!"


"I was rather nervous when I first booked to have my eyebrows, lips and eyeliner tattooed. On my first and subsequent visits Pam was so personable, she immediately made me feel at ease and very comfortable about the whole painless procedure. I now feel more confident and younger looking since the treatment."


"Back when I was 17 I made the huge mistake of over-plucking my eyebrows, which left them a thin, unsymmetrical and extremely unflattering shape. For years I had to rely on penciling them in, which subsequently caused a lot of embarrassment as these would frequently rub off. I then discovered semi-permanent make-up and have never looked back! I now have full, perfectly symmetrical and beautifully shaped eyebrows that never rub off............I would highly recommend Lasting Beauty Ltd for those who are   considering         any form of semi-permanent make-up."


"It took a while for me to gain the confidence to have semi permanent treatment on my brows and eyeliner, but on meeting Pam her lovely gentle and professional approach made the whole experience enjoyable and so worthwhile. I am delighted with both results and my eyebrows in particular make me feel much younger and confident. I have since grown my fringe out something I have always wanted, and now I can proudly show off my eyebrows! I would highly recommend both Pam and treatment to any friends."


"Sensitive and easy to talk to, answered all my questions and put me at ease. the procedure is painless, almost relaxing even! One of the best things i have done as it gives definition to the shape and makes me more confident. I am happy to go out without any make-up on when going to the gym and riding. This procedure has saved me time in the morning as i don't have to drawn the pencil line in, and am guaranteed the same shape every day!"


"Very very good at her job, puts you completely at ease. Takes a lot of time before anything is done, so she knows exactly what you want, and getting measurements, shape and colour right. Would recommend her to anyone. Very very happy with what she's done for me - after years of filling the gaps in!"


"I wanted semi permanent make-up for a while as I have a very active lifestyle and often don't have time to fiddle with applying make-up. Iwas nervous about having the treatment done at first but speaking to Pam at Lasting Beauty, she talked me through the procedure and I was reassured that I had chosen the right consultant. I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with the results and would recommend her to anyone."

"Thank you so much for my posh brows which look brill. You were very professional and caring, as always."


"Pam is very professional, calm and reassuring. I am thrilled with my new eyebrows, they give definition to my face and friends tell me I look (and I feel) ten years younger!"

Lynda le Long.
"Pam has a gentle, kind manner and takes her work very seriously. As I am an alopecia sufferer, she has shown me great discretion and sympathy, which is much appreciated. As a result of her work, I look much more able to put an acceptable face on the world. Thank you, Pam."

Rebecca Southwell
"I have been a client of pam's for the last two years and find her warm, approachable and utterly professional and have recommended many friends and family who find her as charming as I do."

Tatiana Haigh
"Pam is an incredibly talented individual who has the most amazing eye for detail. I am looking forward to being a regular client of hers"

Angeline Burton
"Pam is an expert in semi-permanent make-up. I have had my eyebrows done by her regularly for the last three years and have been very impressed. Not only have they lasted for nearly a year each time they have also been so skilfully shaped that they 'lifted' my face. So often I've seen eyebrows done on friends and colleagues that look artificial - you truly couldn't tell the difference between Pam's work and the real thing!"

Astrid Van Der Burgt
"Pam provides a discreet, personal service in a relaxed atmosphere, delivering excellent results. I would have no hesitation recommending her to anyone. She is trustworthy and reliable, ensures every detail is discussed up front and excellent value for money too."


Jennie Dransfield
"Pam was been my therapist over a three year period whilst I was living in the area, I found the standard of her work excellent, and the calibre of her customer service very high. I would not hesitate to recommend her others, she has a real talent for the work she does."

Amanda Llewellyn

"Pam has amazing skills! She is sensitive to the needs of her clients,
she produces absolutely fantastic results giving each individual renewed confidence in their appearance - I can't recommend her highly enough."

Isla Buchanan
"I have dealt with Pam over several years and am happy to recommend her professional and personable service. I have continued to use her professional beauty services for the last few years and have happily recommended her to friends."

Jan Taylor

"Pam is a highly qualified person with professional standards - an excellent Beauty technician & in my opinion the 'best of the best' in her field of expertise."