'Whats the difference between Cosmetic Tattooing and Real Tattooing?


'A good question and one I get asked many times. The answer is, there are many differences between the two such as: colours, needles, equipment and technique.



In short, SPMU

- uses pigments (offering a variety of natural colours) not inks

- is implanted shallow into the skin, not deep

- uses anaesthetics making it a comfortable procedure

- gives a much more natural look.


Does it hurt?


It would be easy to say: ‘no pain, no gain’ but it really does not have to be like that. Topical anaesthetics are used to de-sensitise the skin and reduce discomfort. Some clients feel no discomfort at all, others feel minimal discomfort.


How long does the treatment take?


You will need to allow one and half hours for the first part of the treatment. After 4 weeks, a follow-up appointment is needed to complete the effect. The main rule is ‘less is best’ which means the colour and definition can always be enhanced accordingly, on the return visit.


Will I be able to go out without everyone noticing?


After a procedure, the area treated will be darker, more intense. This will last for a few days until the true colour emerges. When anaesthetic is used, it may cause a slight swelling – this will disappear by the end of the day.



I often do an eyeliner procedure on a demonstration evening to show ladies that done properly, there should be no swelling or bruising at all and in fact looks great from the moment it is finished.


What about after-care?


You will be given a comprehensive guide regarding after-care treatment, as well as a full explanation after your procedure. All the procedures are carried out to the highest standards of hygiene and therefore, once outside the treatment room, hygiene is equally important for the healing process to occur naturally, swiftly and effectively. All well worth it, once you see the finished result!

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