Hairstroke Brows

Here, at Lasting Beauty, we are using the latest technology and techniques to produce a very natural brow, with fine hairstrokes. 

This beautiful technique is perfect for those with either no eyebrows at all, or just a few patches. We can build the density of the brow to suit everyone with a range of natural colours.

Being so very different to conventional tattooing, the Nano needle has had everyone talking in this industry, an ultra fine, flexible needle that mimics real hair. The needle is like no other - it causes less trauma to the skin, has excellent pigment retention and creates results that you will not want to miss out on!

Our technicians at Lasting Beauty have had years of valuable experience. They will, without question, take all the time needed to achieve the desired look, make sure you are very comfortable throughout the procedure and guarantee great results. 

"Made me look and feel younger!"

"Gave me a real boost to have eyebrows again"

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