How to keep the perfect brow...

Shape, position, colour and even technique are all important factors in creating the right brow for you.


Lasting Beauty has the experience, equipment and latest techniques and are amongst the highest grades obtainable here in the UK.  We always aim to achieve the best results possible.


So, having achieved the ‘perfect’ brow, how do we maintain them?


Skin is a living organ, and so the colour varies in retention from person to person. As skin cells regenerate and replace themselves, the colour may become faded and patchy in places.  Lifestyle, beauty regimes and health are also contributing factors in how long your brows are going to last!


We hear stories about strict no go areas: - swimming, sunbathing, exfoliation and even washing! Don’t worry; it should be ‘life as normal’ (with common sense on the sun worship of course!)

The really good news is……Lasting Beauty have a retouch price structure in place that caters for everyone. 


Up to 8 months-           min charge of £80

9 months-                   £90

10 months-                 £100

11 months-                 £110

12 months-                 £120

After 12 months-         £120

Sometimes a retouch, especially if it has been a year or more, requires a quick top up within the 6 week period.  There is a small charge of £25.

NB:  Ideally, you should wait at least 6 months before you consider a retouch