Lip Blush


Lip Blush is a technique which softens the lipline but still gives the definition.

Lip Line

​​To see or not to see is the question when it comes to the Lip Line. Well thats one of the important areas to discuss in your treatment plan, in order to create the look for you.


There are ways to create the appearance of a 'full' lip ad give definition back into the cupids bow.

Lip Line & Full Lip Colour

Semi Permanent Lip Procedures helps when it comes to

restructuring the shape of your lips and enhancing the colour.

Full Lip Colour


A great way of getting colour into the lips and giving definition.


If you want to wake up everyday to colourful lips then this is the one for you.


Full lipcolour can be used to recreate symmetry of the lips, eg Cleft Lip.