Medical Micropigmentation

All procedures are, generally, in at least 2 parts. It is important on the first part that we go through the treatment plan together so that you are entirely happy with shape, position, colour and style prior to implanting colour. The 2nd part of the treatment is a month later, to give that finished look and to ensure colour hold.


There are normally 2 parts to each of the following procedures, however in some cases there may be more – this will be discussed during your 1st session.


Part 1. Design consultation and foundation colour application if necessary (allow 1 ½ to 2 hours). It is important we go through the Treatment Plan on your first session, to determine objectives and the overall look we are trying to achieve.


Part 2. May possibly be colour application or further micropigmentation (after 4 or 6 weeks and within 3 months, depending on procedure. Some treatments may require more than 2 sessions).




There is a booking fee of £25, which is refunded against your 2nd session payment.
Top-ups- further treatments will be discussed during 1st session



Procedure                                                                             Part 1       Part 2


Breast Restoration - areola correction/enhancement - Single =    £125.00       £125.00
                                                                              -Bilateral=                          £250.00    £250.00


Cleft Lip - includes scar tissue correction and full lip colour             £200.00        £200.00


Scar tissue correction                                                                               Price on consultation


Cosmetic Pigment Camouflage for stretch marks, vitiligo etc         Price on consultation


Facial and Body Scars                                                                               Price on consultation


Scalp Camouflage                                                                                      Price on consultation