Meso Rejuventating/Hydration Therapy

The Amiea Vytal Cell Boost Concept

Amiea Vytal Cell Boost is an exciting, new and highly effective treatment in the field of skin rejuvenation. It has been designed to suit all skin types and age groups. The treatment works by stimulating the development of natural collagen and elastin within your skin, giving it a more enhanced and youthful look.


The new 'Amiea Vytal Cell Boost' system delivers vital vitamins and hyaluronic acid directly to where they are needed most. An ultra-fine, flexible plate is moved over the skin and implants the serum gently between the epidermis and the dermis with extreme precision.

Lasting Beauty Customers have noticed a Triple Effect.


1) A tightening of the skin due to the action of the collagen.


2) Better Skin Hydration to help skin retain its natural moisture and reduce those wrinkles.


3) The formation of new skin cells as Epidermal Growth Factor peptides enhances the rejuvenation effect.


"I was impressed by how  easy and simple the procedure was. No fuss. No discomfort...Just great results"

                                                            Mrs P.N. Hamilton





With the Amiea Vytal Cell Boost Concept:


  • You should start to see an improvement immediatetly.

  • There is a treatment to help nearly everyone, young and old.

  • It will help improve the appearance of scar tissue.

  • The Lasting Beauty team have skills, and the specialist equipment, needed to work on the whole face, especially the eye area, tackling those fine lines and wrinkles.

  • You can carry on with your daily skin care routine, whatever products you favour whilst receiving a treatment programme.                                                   

  • Amiea VYTAL MED with hyaluronic acid and peptides reduces wrinkles and stimulates collagen production.

  • Amiea VYTAL FRESH is a sophisticated composition of vitamins, Q10 and Amino acids and supplies the skin with essential nutrients. It is the perfect treatment for young skin and rounds off daily skin care.









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