Models needed for our training course's

We require models for our up coming training course's. We would love you to contact us if you would like either of the following procedures:

  • Eyebrows microblade

  • Semi Permanent eyeliner

  • Semi permanent lips blush or liner

  • Areola nipple tattooing or enhancement

  • Anti aging facials or scar camo                                                                                                                     Our trainer is fully qualified and insured. 

Finally the industry of semi permanent make up can welcome the much awaited need for monitoring and legislation from the government.

Level 4 is the criteria that regulates standards in the semi permanent make up industry. And yes, we have met that criteria on every level !!!


As a Lasting Beauty customer you can rest assured you are receiving treatment from a technician that has been checked and passed to offer safe, hygienic, first class procedures.

Go with a name you can trust and look for the level 4 !!

Exclusive and Highly Successful Treatment


Age Spot/Pigmentation Removal

Have you wanted to get rid of your age spots, and areas of pigmentation for
a long time? Tried all the creams and potions available? Well, the wonderful
news is that here at Lasting Beauty we have the technology that will remove
them painlessly and effectively in just one treatment
, giving you beautiful
results in just a matter of a few weeks.

LB Delux Age Spot Removal for Hands: The ultimate treatment for age
spot removal and skin rejuvenation for hands

Which includes:-
1. Cryotherapy treatment on age spots across both hands
2. Rehydration and skin plumping
3. Superior Anti-ageing hand serum to maintain results


Latest in Fast Rejuventating Skin Peels


Safe, fast and effective treatment, especially for problem skins. 


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