Zone 'Power Peel'


There are many things said and written about skin peeling. One must always remember that every peel formulation is different and that is where the secret lies. RégimA is a medically accepted unique peeling formulation, made from only pure natural fuit acids.


It benefits all skin types – even sensitive skins, all ages, male or female.


The Zone Power Peel is the ultimate in Anti Ageing and Rejuventation offering the combination of 6 powerful acids including, Peach, Raspberry and Apple, which have a lightening effect superior to Hydroquinone with 100% safety, helping eliminate pigmentation, increase healthy cell growth and reduce wrinkle depth. The addition of healing plants, renowned for essential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, with the simultaneous flavonoids and tyrosinase inhibitors result in a unique peeling system for clarifying, restructuring and rejuvenating the skin.


Formulated at 30% and 50% they provide the most beneficial and effective/safe natural peeling action with restorative properties. RegimA takes skin peeling to a more therapeutic level, but with safety.


The multi-functional capability of this peel focuses not just on the exfoliative benefits, but also the aspect of repair and regeneration. These high strength peels boast more active exfoliation and smoothing effects, whilst being easily tolerated. The anti inflammatory and anti irriative and healing actives combined in this formulation ensure that this peeling system, whilst remaining powerful, is still made gentle in profile by the soothing and repairative benefits of the other incorporated actives.


Unlike many peels which thin the skin, the RégimA formula helps thicken it, making it much more youthful and healthy. Although the ‘Power Peel’ is potent, it is very easily tolerated and one does not have to experience major peeling to reap the full benefit.


With regular peeling the skin becomes firmer, smoother and even in colour and texture. RégimA DOES NOT make the skin more sun sensitive. It is one of the safest, most powerful, rejuvenators.


Expect a tightening, firming of the skin as one of the wonderful benefits of this particular treatment. The skin is more elasticised and firmer. It smoothes wrinkles and improves sun damaged skin. Removes solar keratoses (sun spots), age spots, liver spots and improves uneven skin tone.


This treatment can be used to help active acne and improves acne scarring, stretch marks and skin texture.