Skin Rejuvenation


“Anti-ageing, wrinkle reduction, collagen regeneration, skin rehydration, skin firming and toning, body sculpting and cellulite reduction.”

At a young age the human body is rich with hyaluronic acid, giving firm, well hydrated skin and a prompt healing process. However, its quality deteriorates dramatically with age, making the skin susceptible to wrinkles, dehydration and infection.

MESO therapy is the perfect solution to improve skin without surgery.

What is MESO and how does it work?

An ultra-fine, flexible plate containing extremely fine needles is moved over the skin, implanting vitamins and hyaluronic acid between the epidermis and the dermis, delivering essential micronutrients to where they are needed most.

The whole process is painless, takes approx. 30 mins, and the results are usually noticeable immediately. You can return to work immediately after treatment, as there is no ‘down time’


1. Cleansing Wash – using advanced plant formulation rich in bio-actives

2. Gentle botanical peel – exfoliates and nourishes

3. Meso rejuvenation – stimulating natural collagens and delivering

micronutrients, including essential hyaluronic acids to the skin

4. After cream – soothes, seals and moisturises


Individual Treatment £75

Programme of 8 treatments £400

**Trial offer of £50 for September 2017**

How do I get started with MESO Therapy?

Please call LB Clinic 01905 780 960 based in Droitwich Spa Worcestershire.,

Or e-mail:

Have a look at our website for more information

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