Why choose LB?

We have been in the industry since 2002 and constantly learning new techniques as this industry progresses.   We have extensive experience within the industry and have worked across the whole of the UK in private and NHS clinics.  This has meant we have seen the best and the worst procedures.  

When choosing a technician to do your treatment you should keep a few things in mind.  Experience and knowledge and the quality of equipment used should be taken into consideration.  For example, if building an extension on your home – would you choose a chap down the road who is handy with a hammer or a well established firm with years of experience and knowledge with fully insured qualifications?  Remember, these procedures are semi permanent, and in some cases permanent, and someone will be working on your face.  How important is this to you?

What can LB offer you?


  • Tailor made brows, designed for you

  • Clean and licenced premises

  • Experienced, qualified technicians

  • Trained with one of top training companies in Europe

  • High tech, hospital grade, digital equipment  ( delivering a safe, even, comfortable implant of colour)

  • Pigments not inks – classed as safest pigments in the world

  • Comfortable, virtually painless procedures

  • We would discuss a treatment plan with you so that you are involved in the shape, position and colour of brows right from the start.

Treatment by a technician with lack of experience and care

Treatment by an experienced, well established technician